Saturday, January 21, 2017

They Are Difficult to Do

I mean the UFO's. I cannot believe how much resistance I have to working on them and finishing them. Yes, there is a sense of satisfaction, and of course, I am flying through them. However, each one brings up so much stuff.

This one actually took me two days to finish. It started with hand quilting but soon enough, I realized that it might take me months to get it done, so I put it on the machine with variegated thread and even then, it was a lot of stop and start. The backing was laid on and turned rather than do binding on it. The pattern is to make it look like a coastal village. I like it. There is a sleeve for hanging and it is done.

Well, I am onto the next UFO, which happens to actually need a back. I want to toss it in the wash with some SHOUT COLOR CATCHERS before going on with it. It has red, white, and blue in it, so the two colors are notorious for bleeding and could turn the white a purple of some sort and not necessarily a solid color. Then, after matching a back to it, it goes into the bin waiting for batting.