Thursday, January 26, 2017

New Blocks

We cannot expect ourselves to move forward all at once. Not only is it ok to move along a little at a time, sometimes, no often, it is the only way it is done. So it is with quilting. I have a total of 48 blocks made with strips, with 15 more of the long pieces to that many more blocks. I want to wait and add more fabrics from new selections.

The new block came out for one of the BOMs. This one looked odd to me, so I ripped the top and bottom rectangles off. This first was just too busy for me. With a scrap sampler and mystery to boot, you never know what they look together. It does end up looking fine

Block 6 looks better to me with the gold contrast. I used the green that is in the first block and gold from the second one. I plan to use bits from some of the same fabrics earlier blocks have in them. I think this is the way to make it look like there was a plan. Well, there is a plan, its just that the only one knowing it is the facilitator. I think what I want to do is like each block on its own merit and then hope it fits somehow. I still don't have a feel for contrasting fabrics and so doing these BOM quilt-alongs helps with that. 

Like this one, its easy enough to rip if it isn't working and try again. I am not sure having such white in the blocks is the best of choices, which means more white is needed to balance it out.