Sunday, January 15, 2017

UFO Halloween Quilt

I worked on joining blocks to make rows on the UFO Twin Size Halloween Twisted 4-Patch Quilt, and have them pressed, ready for the next step of joining rows.

I remember why I put this quilt away. The pattern itself, called Twisted 4-Patch & designed by Claudia Blodget, one of the fabric store owners in town, has 21 diagonal rows with 120 4-patch units, 40 triangles, 220 cross-cuts, and 30 strip sets to make the 21 rows possible. There are six different fabrics that create the diagonal quilt pattern, and it was simply too much for me at the time. Before it got put away, everything was cut and some of the rows started. But I didn't know what I was doing and if any of it was right.

When I got a gift of numbered pins, it got taken out again. 1-20. As a beginner at the time, even that was a challenge because there were 21 rows and only 20 sets of pins. It got put away again when I didn't know how to take it to the next step. This time, I put a #2 and a #1 together on the last strip and called it 21. Duh. Beginners cannot always think beyond what is in front of them. We learn by our successes. We learn by our failures.

My goal in working on the UFOs this year is to get them done, and failing that, move them to the next step. And I thought I was going to do one per month through the year. This Halloween Twisted 4-Patch project is #3 on my list which would have given me to the end of March to work on and finish. I feel pretty good getting the 21 rows numbered, pieced & pressed. I have no doubt that the next step of pinning the rows so corners match, and then piecing them will be relatively easy to do. Of course, it will take time, but I am not overwhelmed by it any more.

UFO's or Unfinished Objects are usually put away because the project got overwhelming for a quilter for some reason. This year, I am simply determined to finish what I started. And yet, if I get to a place of not being able to finish a project, it will go to the bottom of the list after some efforts were made on it. I will be gentle with myself through this year too.