Monday, January 16, 2017

My Jungian Psych Class

I signed up for a 12-week Jungian Psych class focusing on the shadow side of who we are. Its only as intense as the participant makes it. As I work on this Twisted 4-Patch UFO, I realize that my UFO's are the practical shadow side of me because I've kept them hidden in my closet, and hated how I felt knowing they were there. Like secrets, like shadows.

One of the fabrics is a hand-dyed Skull pattern and it is next to an orange print with black Spiders on it and another print with Ravens. In fact, the entire quilt could end up rather shadow-y. Its probably a perfect practical project for now. I wish I had purchased more of the Skull fabric to have on hand. It is really great and if I remember, was reduced heavily to sell. I was in MN at the time several years ago, and was thinking about having to carry it back in my suitcase so bought only the pattern requirement and just had enough. There is no extra in my stash.

In one way, I feel a bit over my head with the class. I took a lot of Jung for my undergrad studies but didn't touch much on the shadow. It is a huge body of work. I think it is really interesting that I was just saying how dark all the fabrics I have are and how I need to buy brights and lights in order to finish some of them. Its like shadow work in quilting! There are pod casts and You Tube lectures for the course, numerous articles to read and questionnaires to answer in writing assignments. I've stepped out of my comfort zone. Yet, the mental stimulation is already great.

Pinning this Twisted 4-Patch takes time to get the points lined up. I started on both sides of the layout and work coming in toward the center, and then will join the two major pieces. I am pressing as I go too, just to keep things flat.

Meanwhile, Shadow Psychology is ever present in my thoughts. BaWAAAAHaaa