Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Baby Quilt Finish

There is little more valuable to me than peace of mind. Undeniably there are many things to ruin that peace, and it is a gift to realize that most of the time there is little we can do to bring about peace in situations except change our attitudes.

I finished the binding on the baby quilt so its finished. Threads need clipping and then it can be stashed with other finishes and wait til it is needed. I am glad I bought those two panels and glad I found the pattern to make them...books to quilts.

The back is scrapped too and you can see where it is pieced. I did the best I could in matching it and the average person won't see the seams. Batting is a thin poly so its a comfortable quilt for laying around indoors.

Here is the back to the bird quilt, pieced & ready for quilting. I decided to use the royal blue yarn here and tie it rather than machine quilt it. I think it will turn out better. Then it is ready for the binding which will go on first by machine and finish by rolling and hand stitching. How easy.