Monday, January 9, 2017

Tables are Better Than Floors

Clouds are quite low in the valley, and I could not help but think of the quote about having your head in the clouds. Lovely dark day out there. With clouds so close you can touch them.

My clubhouse experience was quite productive. This is the baby quilt. I got the sandwich pinned, and then tied it with a double rosey appliqué thread. All I have to do on this one is to trim it, make the binding and sew it on. I am not hand stitching it because babies have a way of wriggling their tiny fingers in between stitches and boring a hole it it. I think the reason this became a UFO is because its gotten ridiculous for me to get on the floor to work. Doing it over the tables is the only way to go.

The next project I worked on is the last of the Bird Quilts. I learned my lesson on the last one and will install the quilting foot and only use straight stitches. PLUS, I will check the back with each line I make. I didn't take a pic of the back and will when the binding is on this one too. Again, the quilt sandwich needs trimming, the binding gets made and sewn on and then turned for hand stitching.

Lastly, this third one is called a Twisted 4-Patch. All the pieces were cut and some of them joined to make the 4-patches. Half of it had the rows together. Its on a diagonal so can get challenging. The floors in my home are big enough for the job, its just me. I cannot see the final look of it so close. So this step has all the rows pinned and numbered for piecing. Then laying them out IN rows to be joined should be easier. The colors are so wild and yet the finish will be brilliant.

While nothing is finished, everything I did today took each of the three quilts to the next step. I am happy with the progress. And I am also delighted to say I have my head in the clouds.