Thursday, April 6, 2017

#16 Solstice to Solstice Block

I love this block challenge. Block patterns come out twice a month & it will make quite a large quilt. I am using the Fall/Harvest scraps to make it. One of the lessons I take away from doing the BOM quilts is that our whole well-being like that of the finished quilt top; it often hinges in the present moment. Like the mystery quilts, we never know how our lives will turn out. Like the mystery quilts, we hope that the pieces we put together somehow coordinate and fit. I've found that worrying about the outcome doesn't get me anywhere.

This is #16 and is called a Friendship Block. The light is part of a FQ I ended up buying to fill in for the lights. For whatever reason, when people give me scraps, there are few if any, lights or solids. I see in the layout that there are borders that look like they might be more of the scraps in a sort of checkerboard look. We are to cut (167) 2.5" in lights and darks, so I started working on that.There are also some framing pieces for the various sections, and as far as I can see, there is a light-medium-dark guide for cutting them too. My guess is that I will need more lights if I don't plan correctly. Only two of the main sections are completed, so I don't want to take the chance of using up scraps that will be needed in the blocks. There are six more 12"s and two larger blocks left to make. It is exciting.

Meanwhile, I took another overflowing bin and am cutting into my sizes. Once one of the sized containers is overflowing, I will start joining pieces in a simple manner.