Tuesday, April 11, 2017

And Now For Hand Work

After getting the fabric boxes ready, my attention turned to the Mug Rug Swap. I've been listening to some of the end-of-course suggested links for the Psych course and then they looped into more lectures by Manley P. Hall, whom I love. 

The horsey mug rug is turning out just beautifully. The silhouette is dark purple and is on lime green. The mane got laid out a bit farther from the head, and I like it a lot. I looked at piecing a 6" square to the side of it, but the horse takes up more than half the desired length. This almost makes it look like the horse is running through the trees. While the green and pink fabric is just a shade off the solid green, it works and will blend more once the binding goes on. The horse is machine quilted and then there is an echo stitch around it and some of the flowers. 

One of the boxes is finished, and while they are not going out right away, they may go to swaps. I actually do not like the print for them. Just a little too big. Practice. 

There is a chill in the air this morning and I plan to wait a little while before getting out to weed. I am seeing the work make a difference and would like to buy some new plants (Lavender and Bee Balm. I also see that more mulch is needed. This is a good time of the year, seeing what didn't make it through Winter, and knowing what is desired for Summer. Our Spring seems to feel shorter because of the chill in the mountains.