Saturday, April 15, 2017


The first of the 4-part series for the Jung course is ending this month. They offered a sizable discount to pay & register for the next three parts. The discount provided another layer to the choice. Sigh. I felt like the Shadow was so intense & was still working on the applications. As I read the PR on the next section, I wondered how it applied to me. After more thought this morning, I signed up for it. 

The next section which is called Albedo, or Whiteness, starts in a month from today. I never heard the word before, yet it is a measure for reflectance or optical brightness and is used for endless sciences to measure brightness, to measure snow melting and solar heat. I am sure to learn more than I than I conceive about it.

I went to the fabric store to buy pieces for the FQ swaps I am in. And then I ordered 3 packs of batting online. Wow! I spent a small fortune today! I am home now to continue joining those smaller squares. I've decided to continue with this project until there are enough blocks to join and make into one lap quilt size piece. There are at least 1/3 more blocks to make.

I chose some blocks from the 4" bin, and think I want to cut more scraps from what needs cutting.There are a lot of scraps in my closet, and it just takes time. 

Whiteness. Albedo. Its so interesting that most of the fabric leftovers that were donated to me were darker. Time for me to bring on the whiteness.