Thursday, April 27, 2017

UFO Therapy

When I decided to work on, perhaps finish or at least bring to a closer step to being done, I didn't know what that all meant. While I was last at my sewing machine with the Seminal Border for Seasons, it struck me that it was like getting involved in a relationship. 

If you don't legalize it, you can opt out of things get bad. However, if you do put it into a legal status, then you are in it until you figure out the next step.

With quilting, & how this UFO works, all I did was to say I was going to do these all during 2017. I finished a lot of them already & was happy, relieved even, to have them done. Now there are 10 'official' UFOs on my list, plus four quilts I want done to ship out by Thanksgiving week. 

Of course, I have added new projects so am not tunnel focused. But right now, I am dragging my feet and avoiding the projects just like I did when I first set them aside. I am not sure how to find the energy or drum up the passion when I feel like I am done being a drudge to it. 

The Shadow work in my course says you have to face it and become aware of what it is doing to you when it is an unconscious complex or neurosis. Having any issues under the surface of your conscious thoughts is what gets a person into trouble. You can get triggered by whatever is unhealed without notice. Then, no one understands what is going on for you. Not you. Not anyone around you.

I 'legalized' my work with UFOs for the year by a commitment to completing them. I need to keep working on them even though its not fun right now. One day at a time, one step at a time. I finished the detail work on the Seminole border. Next it needs trimming to make ready for the small side borders.