Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Neighborhood House Back

I got it into my head to use up the scraps for quilt backs some time ago. It saves resources, and yet it is a fairly large amount of work. Some people make quilt TOPS that look like this.

It came out just fine and will look perfect as the other side to the Neighborhood House Block quilt that will go to the youngest of my Great-Nieces. It is getting put away with a note-to-self for a finish next year. I am still working on the others and traditionally like to send all the quilts made for members of a household to them at one time.

Quilting larger projects gets harder these days when the windows are open. Once the AC goes on, it will be chilly enough inside to think about the bigger projects again. Honestly, my time is leaning toward outside gardens. All the rain we finally got made weeds shoot up and there is so much to do. I pulled buckets-full and seemed to only get a couple of square feet done on the North garden.