Saturday, April 29, 2017

Do I Have a Winner for Holiday Gifts?

After thinking about potholders vs microbowl holders, I went looking for ideas and patterns. So, the plan is for me to continue working on the UFO's but to take time to make a couple of these every week to build up a stash or collection of them to give as gifts.

You Tube has so many tutorials for everything. I do have a LOT of batting, and do have a lot of cotton scraps. I learned from one of the tutorials to check the content of the thread! OMGoddess, I have been using what I was given. Cotton ONLY for this project in order to withstand the heat! Some of the spools I have no longer have end labels and so those are off limits to this kind of project.

The challenge, for me, is making a lot of them. Perhaps what will save me is only doing a couple at a time. 

I need to check with family members if they have a micro. I stopped owning one years ago. One of my Granddaughters did a school project by watering plants from different water sources. Plants she watered with micro heated & cooled water all died. I became one of those people concerned that the low levels of electromagnetic radiation may impact human health over a long time. Not everyone believes that, and the convenience is what they go for.