Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hitting the Wall

It hasn't happened too often for me, and usually doesn't last long. I hit the quilting wall, and not to shop, but to stop. The Jungian Psych course helped me get in touch with Shadow energy, and along with about 100 other participants, it also helped me see that Shadow happens to everyone. There is a reason for it, some work to be done, and then you go on.

My studio floor has a pile of things I pulled out for my last few projects. Rather than feel shame or other angst, its a matter of living with it until I want to move on from it. And this pile is not so big a deal. I actually got it all put away and floors vacuumed in less than 45 minutes. I cut some pieces while watching some videos on You Tube. It is hard for me to not be quilting. In one way, I feel like I am letting myself down and foregoing my commitments.

I will not get more done in the studio today, and I am ok with that. My work of spirit is not just what I can create and is what I create in myself. 

I am taking time out to read SACRED CONTRACTS by Caroline Myss before going on with my next project. Yes, it is based on Jung's Archetypes & expands his list of 12 to 70. I read & used this book before as both student & teacher. It is time for me to revisit the material with the new perspective of Shadow work.