Monday, April 3, 2017

Scrappy Backs

I found myself resisting quilting the last couple of days. I think it is all about finishing those UFO's. It is more work than one realizes. Not so much the physical work as much as psychological. So hard to explain. Maybe other creative people know what I mean. It is a good lesson about finishing.

What I did was to pull out the small container of scrap pieces that I started forming into blocks, with the intention of making into scrappy backs. I know that a back is best if it hangs over the top by 3" all around. Quilting will move the pieces, which has happened for me. These scrappy backs are easily cut off and tossed. I will join what is in the container and trim them to rows and then put everything back in with a note to self about what comes next.

I also worked on the scrappy totes. This one is finished to the point of needing straps. The second one is cut out and waiting for machine quilting. Again, I am not really inspired to work on them today and am ok with setting it aside.