Thursday, April 20, 2017

Solstice to Solstice #17 & 18

This is a mystery quilt that is being made of Fall scraps. I finished block #17, which is in Section C in the pattern. I put it in Section C and feel done with that part of the work for now.

Over time, the mystery quilts have frustrated me and well as delighted me. Each block has a name & this one is Spring Feverwhy I do not know.

What is different about this mystery quilt is that the facilitator has been giving assembly instructions a little at a time. This makes it so much easier. It will end up being a bit larger than I usually make, so I can use the help. 

I was a little behind on the block, and #18 was just released called On the Go!, designer's choice. Every single square in it is a HST or half square triangle, something I wanted not to make ever again. Thing is, they have you cut the blocks at 4", make the triangle and then trim it to 3.5". They turned out fine. I joined it to the square to the left with the framing bar.

Next, I made more of the 2.5" squares for several of the frames. Then. Opps!!! I switched the lower blocks when they got pieced, so now, I need to unsew that seam and turn it so the newest block is to the right. Does it matter? Maybe. I will switch it to be sure.