Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Finish Or Let Be UFO?

I joined 14 rows of 10 blocks into 7 sections.

And then I got scared.
No kidding, and I don't know why. I pressed the sections & checked seams. There are three kinds of 9-patch blocks. One is the traditional 4/5 Tic Tac Toe. One is three fabrics altered diagonally. And one is a colorway, meaning they were selected as they were colorized in the scrap bin. It would take a bit to find them once now it is finished with as many blocks as there are. 

So why be scared?

It suddenly got to be a heavy project, both weight and emotionally, and I thought I could leave it for another time. Then the thought of leaving another UFO seemed silly.  

I considered all the reasons that I wanted to leave it for another time, letting it remain in UFO status. If the reason for completing UFO's is to finally bring them to the finish, then why was there so much resistance? Even Fear? Whatever was going on was happening in my mind.

It measures 71 x 99 and can be either added to or subtracted from to fit a quilt top. I've put a note-to-self on it so it is ready for either me to finish or someone else if happen-stance happens. <G>

I know that my Jungian Psych class with Shadow work is stirring up a lot of life events that I wanted to keep hidden. To even get in touch with them means to spend some time in solitude.

I haven't been doing that with my quilts just because my mind races so much in various stages of making a quilt. I elect to either listen to audiobooks or lectures, or watch movies, just so I can avoid the thoughts from surfacing. It helps me keep good energy going into the quilt project.

The next section of the 4-part series starts on May 15 and is called Albedo or Lightening. It might lighten things up or take me on another ride into my consciousness.