Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Fabric Box Nest

The Winner Take All (WTA) game for March on a Swap Bot group was for nests. I made a fabric box as my gift to send. I have a few found feathers I may tuck in and will look for some other birdy things.

I enjoy playing some games on the group forums, and this one (WTA) is often set up for a group where, when you sign up, you make a personal comment or tell a story about what the theme means to you.

I looked at last month's winner's profile to get clues as to what to make and send, and came up with this. Participants can interpret the theme however they want. It is made with two 10" squares that were part of a gift, and four sparkly flower buttons, also part of a gift. Its not Robin's Egg Blue but is Spring-y looking. The batting is also a scrap. 

I remember thinking how cute these were and have made many as gifts a couple of years ago. My Alaska-Cousin got the first one and her response to it was quite positive, & gave me courage to make them for others. I think hers is still my favorite. It was Wintery and also a more chilly-looking blue. What's that they say about your first? Giggles. They do take a few hours to make, so I might just make up a couple for a birthday gift coming up for my younger Son's Lady.

I also worked on the scrappy quilt back project and have joined many of the blocks into rows, and rows into a larger piece. Maybe one will be done by tomorrow.