Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Making Things Whole Again

My former SisterInLaw saw my photo of the 3" scraps laid out for the next step and commented to me how much quilting is like therapy, and how important it is to realize that we are in the act of making things whole again. 

She is recovering from breast cancer, chemo, the death of her Husband and a move out of state to live near one of her Daughters. She used to quilt but probably isn't any more.

I got outside, before coffee, to pull a bucket of weeds and got three of them, most from the herb garden, and some dead plant material from around the AC next to the house. (Miner's Leaf Lettuce). I think about someone else taking over this property and if I don't get it in shape where it is low to no maintenance, a new owner might pay to have a lot of it removed.

I've pinned and pieced almost all the rows to this 3" scrap piece. More to pin and piece, then all of it goes to the iron for pressing, and once again the pinning and piecing to make it whole. I feel good about working on the UFO's in my closet. How many times do I say that?

I realize that I am in some sort of mind set these days that focuses on what I leave behind and how in order I want to leave what I have behind. Is it a neurosis? It may be part of the Shadow work I am doing as part of my course work.

In any case, it is my project for the year, and one I chose.