Thursday, April 16, 2015

Another Stitch, Another Prayer

I've heard that we can accomplish many things in life, and yet without love, our accomplishments are mighty hollow.  For me, quilting is about the love I feel for others. Moreover, love is something we give ourselves too. I think a person has to love quilting and be willing to grow in the fabric arts.

Most days, there is little to show for my efforts because it might be a day filled with pinning, piecing, snipping dog ears and laying out blocks to see if or how they fit together. The mere act of creating stimulates my brain and helps me think about problem solving, color coordination and surrounds me in the beauty of the fabrics.

And I am still learning about my new computerized machine! It has two options for controlling the power. One is the old school way of using a peddle and the other is push button. I bought a Brother this time and its on the top 10 list for value, product popularity, and user rating. 

I've watched the DVD for it and want to review it now that I have actually used the machine. It takes time to go to the next step in continuing education and would be easy to continue doing what is comfortable. There is no one telling me that I must learn a new method of operating. 
Its all on me.

And that brings it all back to the piece about acting with love. Its always easy for me to love my Sons, my friends, my extended family. Easy to extend that love to them, to make them something that shows my love. But loving me is a 'horse of a different color'.

That love looks like eating nourishing meals, drinking water, stretching, gardening, landscaping, reading, laughing with friends. That love looks like buying fabrics that I love to look at and work with...buying a new machine and other tools to make the projects go together better.

When I quilt, I am remembering to pray for myself so that I stay healthy in body, mind and spirit. And that makes me smile.