Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Its In The Stars

Stars shine so close here in the mountain valley that it feels like you can reach out and touch them. The science of Astronomy has much to teach about life. For instance, 'keep shining', 'look up', and 'shine your light of truth through whatever clouds come your way'. I like stars.

The Constellation Stars are laid out for the next quilt on my to-do list. Its going to be a play of the light and dark of hourglass blocks against the colors of the stars. I want to look at them for a day or two just to make sure I like the layout. I'll add the hourglass blocks as soon as I am sure that it will work.

My light thread for my machine is spent, so I am using black until I can get to the store later this week. This block is going in my personal B&W bed (with color) runner. It needs a stem in the lower corner with the tie-in fabric. I make up an extra when I do the swaps so the kinks can get worked out.

I can use black thread to machine quilt a swap-bot mug rug. The theme was butterflies and I had some triangles left from Brother's quilt and just made up this pattern. It measures 8.5" square and is perfect to set a mug on near a keyboard. Usually I make them more rectangular, but think it works fine. Both sides are the same.

I took a little time to watch You Tube videos for mitered corners just to make sure I was doing it as best I could. I discovered that I was making the corners at half an inch and some of them recommend stitching to the quarter inch. Details.