Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Paper Project Day

I need to trick myself into doing tasks other than quilting, because I have become enchanted with this fabric art. Some people shake their heads at it because it means cutting perfectly good fabric into smaller pieces and then putting them together in a quilt that may not be appreciated. Its like parachuting...jumping out of a perfectly good plane!

With the swap-bot exchanges for birthday cards, I got quite a few, and rather than just toss them, swap-bot has taught me how to re-purpose cards into post cards. Usually I get only a few birthday cards, so this year was a treat.

Of these, one was unsigned so needs an envelope; 3 were post cards that just went into my PC file for a later project; 2 I wanted to save in my family box; 7 were cards that were simply cut in half to use the left-side/front as a new post card; 4 were cut and glued to card stock re-purposing them as birthday post cards, and 1 will work as a regular post card.

 Another re-purposing project is to make envelopes out of the heavier magazine pages. Its simple to trim the edges and make two folds. When I am ready to mail something, I tape the edges and seal, and then add an address label.
Its interesting to me how much fun it is to receive an envelope like this rather than a plain white one. I haven't been too creative with sizes and go with what comes out of a closely trimmed page. 

I made 24 envelopes and am storing them in an empty tissue box. Paper has a way of hiding when it is stored horizontally. I keep three such boxes on a shelf for easy retrieval for mailing things out. I know plain envelopes are inexpensive, yet re-purposing seems eco-friendly to me.