Tuesday, April 28, 2015

He Ain't Got No Body

The cat quilt needs more fabric for one of the rows and the fabric shop is closed on Monday & I am not going out for awhile to get more. I started pinning rows that were either had finished blocks or would not have blocks added to them. (Thanks to suggestions my paper piecing mentor made.) One of the black cats is missing a body. Part of me wants to see how it would look if I didn't put one on it. Cats are like that. They only show you what they want you to see.

This project is set aside for the time being. Time to sweep the floor. Time to finish smaller projects. Time to start the blocks for the monthly swap. I've found a rhythm between working on the larger and smaller projects, with a swing from one side to the other that is peaceful as well as refreshing. 

My pond (although the sides are not done) is welcoming whole families of sparrows. Its difficult to distinguish them from the rocks in this pic I took inside my window. I could have watched them all morning and know that the pond is a success. I need to build up around the black form and get more plants tucked in among the stones. I can see it from both windows here in my studio and that is a good thing. I've got the camera ready for another afternoon swim and sun.