Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Heart Bookmarks

Change is ever in my life, as it is in every one's. How we deal with change either brings the flow from one thing to another, or holds us captive, stuck in past dreams.

This month marks the official ending of teaching classes. I want to turn that energy more towards writing. One of the participants who has been with me for 3 years in this class is moving out of state and so changes for her as well. 

I wanted to give her a simple fare-thee-well gift and decided to make a fabric heart bookmark. The other one is for part of a swap-bot swap focusing on the Heart Chakra. I made a number of them for Winter Solstice gifts last year and so found it easier to make them this time around.

Other things I did were to gather fabrics for various projects, though nothing has been cut. Its always fun to play with colors and textures. I fixed a frame and hung a print on the wall in the entry. And I wrote out thank you notes for gifts I received for my birthday. The day was peaceful even with the markers of change being quite apparent.

Change is often a singular experience, and each of us gets to chose whether or not we move forward. Thing is, we forget how our choices effect others, and may not even see how or if they struggle to release us to our forward motion. When change happens in the community, some of us welcome it and others rail against it as if our storming mattered.