Sunday, April 19, 2015

Cats on the Design Floor

Usually reaching out for what is good and what we want is less of a struggle than we remember, so we can get immobilized by the memory of something that didn't work out. Yet, many times, we also resist taking a step into the unknown. Sometimes, a person just has to do IT. Something. I got to the next step on the paper piecing project, which joined the 2-parts to each block, and then started the layout.
Puzzles are confusing to me. I never did them as a child and struggle with puzzles and mystery quilts. This one is a simple pattern of black cats and batik cats. And each type of cat leans in a different direction. I got them all pieced to discover that SIX blocks have one piece done in it incorrectly.

It reminded me that our lives can be filled with decades of doing things that work for our greater good, and then every once in awhile, something we have done needs to be un-done or re-done. Luckily, in quilting, we can get do-overs. Praise be to the ripper. 

Whatever system I got into allowed me to make these six without noticing that the one piece was ill-placed. Oh well, a little time with the ripper and they are re-done.

Its joyous to actually see that there is no guilt or shame in what happened. Its something that does, and something correctable. How I wish I had begun quilting when I was younger so that this lesson in my life had been easy!

After getting them all laid out, I decided to add to the top so there is more of the rose look to it. I can see its not enough to add just one row because the quilt top must finish with black cats. I am going to put what I have together first and then take another look.