Monday, April 6, 2015


I've had a number of painting projects going this week. Its like working on my own self, my behavior, all the things I see that need re-touching or re-finishing to make me look more presentable, more acceptable. Thing is, when I do this kind of work, no one sees, no one comes onto my property to know. What they would see are things that were "in need" of cleaning or repair.

The first painting project was inside the house; the entry. It has one wall painted red, and so first needed cleaning, then a coat of Kilz and then the darker blue. Yes, I love the more intense colors. I have a print that is going in the space between the bookshelf and the mirror. The books on this shelf are listed on Amazon and see regularly. 

The next HUGE painting task was the shed rooftop. I've been here more than 8 years now and have done nothing for it. Before it starts to rust (and the Cali drought has lasted over 3 years), I wanted to put a coat of Rustolium on it. The wear on it is seen on those first front panels where the northside tree hangs over it. I used a 7-step ladder to reach the top, and had it squished between the shed and the block wall to get the back three ridges. I did it over the morning and was exhausted for the rest of the day.

Needless to say, these physical tasks are best done in the Spring before high temps set in. And of course, that means I haven't been quilting as much. One of my swaps is to focus on the Goddess Minerva, whose sacred animal is the Owl. We are to put 4 items in the package, and I made a spirit bowl as one of them. Its patterned after that fabric box I made my Cuz and while its not anywhere as lovely, it will serve for this project. Just have buttons to add on the points.

I am a lot less hard on myself these days to produce. Age is creeping up on me, draining my energy a little more each day, and yet, I am able to do what I want by taking my time and asking for help when I need it. I see that all my tasks or projects are part of a healthy, love-centered search for what is beautiful in me and around me.