Saturday, April 25, 2015

How To, Yet Again

I know there is a lesson for me in how/why I struggle with reading patterns. Its like people who look for nurturing and love that they deserve that simply doesn't come. The people they try to get those things from may not have it to give or may express it in different ways so that both of them are unfulfilled. I will never meet the pattern-makers and have no real connection. 

I know there is a lesson here about my failure to read them right. I know it because that is how I learn. Repeating things that don't work until I look at my who learns by being shown, me who learns by practice, me who keeps learning.

This morning I looked at a pile of projects. Simple mug rugs will take some evening hand work. Three aprons are at the bottom of the pile. All they need are waistbands. I've got them cut to size and one seam pressed over and pinned the bodice in with all the raw edges. Yet as I looked at it, I could not figure out how the sides of the skirt would be enclosed in the waistband the way I had it. I read the pattern instructions more than a few times. Then I saw, "do the same with the second strip". What second strip? I had not cut a second strip for either of the three aprons and simply stopped what I was doing. It was not about the pattern or the pattern-maker.

This happens too much for me. I think I read the instructions to understand them. However, what I am learning and think the lesson is about, is that I have to be responsible for what I read, for how I interpret what I read, and take action of some sort to make it work for me.

Its not so much continuing education as it is continuing evolution.