Thursday, April 23, 2015

Winter Solstice in April

Opening the top drawer of the cupboard where I keep my Winter Solstice projects, I pulled out an apron pattern and fabric I'd set aside for it. There was no real plan for today, only to work on something to take stress off myself come the end of the year. I've also got four Pay It Forward projects to make this year as well. These are non-quilting projects.

This apron pattern is one I found in the Winter 2014 "Quilts & More" periodical. Its Fat Quarter friendly. I received fabric as gifts from more than one person for the holidays and my birthday. Its fun to match them and then find what else was needed in the stash. Excited me to use them rather than to just store them. As much as I appreciate receiving fabrics, it is a challenge to find projects where they work.

Once I got cutting, I realized I could make two aprons, and then it turned into three! Its easy to see how someone can get caught up in making them. The fabric had no other designated project so it made sense to me to use what I could with this one. This project gave me an opportunity to use three different stitches on my new machine.

However, the waistband is left to attach and it will be easy enough to do before putting them away. It will be a bit more narrow than the folded fabric here. Pictures rarely do most projects justice, including my own. 

Usually there is a vendor for aprons at the street fairs in town. It surprises me how expensive aprons are. I remember both my Grandmothers wearing them, though I admit that my own apron has been hanging on a cupboard door knob ever since I moved into this home. I forget to put it on!

Aprons have an interesting history for household and professional use as well as in ancient rituals. Usually I think of them as something used to keep your clothing clean rather than part of a fancier costuming. 

It won't take long to finish these three. I did laugh when I made a holiday gift list and realized how many more things I have to get ready.