Friday, April 3, 2015

Kangaroos for Christmas

When I first joined the international quilt block swap, some of my first partners were from Australia, or OZ as they call it. Some were from New Zealand or Middle Earth as I call it.  As time went on, I was connected with quilters in Italy, England, Germany and places here in the states. Swap-bot also brings me to countries like Finland, Singapore, Spain, Canada, Russia and other wonderful places in the world. I've found that it is important to open up to new ways of seeing how life is celebrated, and too, how important it is to keep your word, and do your best.

Several quilt block swap partners have sent me fabrics with prints specific to their area. Both of these fabrics were swap extras and this pattern is called the "Friendship Star". I used very little of the kangaroo fabric for this and plan to make a simple mug rug from what remains. The block will be added to my Grandson's quilt.

It surprises me how often I go through the quilting bins in my closet. While I wait for the delivery of a new machine, I've pulled out a number of projects that I can take to the next step that do not require using the machine. Its a way for me to continue celebrating my life and not get caught in sewing seeds of darkness.

I am going to finish painting the entry today. Its pretty chaotic in that room right now, with the washing machine pulled out of its corner, and all the paint equipment spread everywhere. Paints have less smell to them, but still have some. Outside painting is planned for the shed rooftop. I can hardly believe that snow is predicted for Wednesday! So the push is on to get paint on and dried. Snow. 

Well, I did say I was open to new adventures.