Sunday, April 26, 2015

Napkin Paper Piece Holders

Two things happened as I looked that the paper piecing cats quilt top: One is that its too small. I know that the border will extend it but it wasn't quite enough for what I want; and Second, the first color was going to get cut away.

I struggled with adding more blocks by writing directions on paper. Guess I need to see it. Calculations indicated that to extend it, there would need to be two rows added to the top and two rows added to one side. My first attempts at just making more blocks was less successful than I hoped, so the result was to take paper napkins and lay them out, and then label them.

It will take several more days at the machine to add these blocks but I do think it will make for a more appealing quilt top for my plan.

I do think it is important for me to keep going. I know I whine about not being able to read patterns, and about running out of steam after quilting for more than four hours. 

This morning, I got outside in my gardens to move compost to the new transplants and to do some weeding. Doesn't look like rain, so that means watering in certain places the underground sprinklers don't reach. Many of my neighbors have switched to almost all concrete or stones yards. Unfortunately, trees have suffered from the drought, and yet, I am rather a hold-out for green. That means more birds! and a lot of animals who come to my pond and waterfall. I can lean back on my chair and see birds and butterflies and the wandering cats.

Oh cats. Back at it now.