Thursday, April 9, 2015

My Own Projects

Some life situations can be so devastating that you wish you you had the courage to just die rather than face them another minute. Well, yesterday wasn't that bad. In fact, I think it takes more courage to keep living. And so, when the sun rose this morning, it was indeed another day worth living.

I started working on a BOM Mystery again. This is the one I am doing with the Aussie group, but it is out of my own stash and will go to someone of my own choosing rather than be a swap. Although it is a mystery, I've decided to take one fabric from the previous block and use it in the next one, and that way see a flow in the finished quilt. I LOVE these colors! This quilt is being built from a group of fabrics I found in my stash.

Then I remembered a work in progress (WIP) for a black and white BOM that my friend here in town & I started together (she is using SW fabrics). Mine is scrappy with B&Ws with that daisy print on black as the unifyer. Each block will use that fabric in some way. I felt like I was on a roll of quilting successes.

One failure yesterday was on the first Churn Dash that left 4 pieces of white & pink that got pieced together today as a smaller block, trimmed to 6.5" for that Wonky Block box. There is nothing wonky about it, only that it is the right size now as more of an orphan block, and will be used as part of a border in the wonky quilt.

And it was about time I got back to the quilts for this year. I pieced 13 more scrappy star blocks. Its going to be a gorgeous quilt with a lot of variety. It needs 9 more star blocks, that all need squaring up, threads cut before they are laid out.

This was a diamond day. Some days are like that.