Saturday, April 4, 2015

Mug Rug Adventures

It seems to me that our world is being created by us every day. My life is filled with bins of fabrics and colors and its up to me to figure out how to make the best use of things. Using them up gives me a sense of purpose.

Although there is a dedicated day to work on Winter Solstice gifts, I found another scrap of holiday fabric that allowed me to cut out 2 simple mug rugs, using it for both front and backs for a perfect MR size. I am also using batting scraps. Then, I pulled out some red & white pieces that came to me in a swap and bled when I washed it (even with Color Catcher). I cut one of them up to use as binding. This stripe has enough to go around both MRs. These MR's are simple and some will go to younger members in my family, and some to the elders. I don't need to make them fancy and plan to let the fabric speak for itself.

I like to get set up to sew or piece and like to spend some days just doing the prep work. There is enormous power in working on every stage of quilting and I've come to see that its more about the process even though the finish is what most other folks want to see. Like these MR's, I want my fabric art to speak for itself.