Sunday, April 5, 2015

Pinning Projects

I have three projects at the stage of pinning, and one of them is the paper piecing cats quilt.

I've joined the left sides with the right sides now and before they actually get sewn together, I want to lay them out and see if I like how they actually look. This particular quilt is all about the gradient look of the colors within in each row and for each row to the next. This is the beauty of the quilt and it will take time to make it work to look effortless. The photo of the paper piecing pieces doesn't look like much, however does represent a lot of work thusfar.

The same could be said for the other two projects; one is another fabric box and the other one is those mug rugs with the striped border print. I am doing hand sewing on each of them and will most likely have them finished this week.

Today's major work, however, will be painting the shed rooftop a little later in the morning. There's a bit of touch up left in one corner of the entry room, and eventually both outside doors will get a coat of paint too. And the weeds. My goodness the weeds out there! Seems that I can always find a lot to do both inside and outside.