Monday, April 20, 2015

Catching Colors

Attitude is everything.  For the most part, I keep a positive attitude even when things get crazy.

I finished Sophie's Summer lap quilt. I pre-washed all the fabrics, and because it is a red-white-blue quilt, and because her Mother passed from leukemia last year, I know that if this little grrl's quilt gets soiled, it will go into the washing machine with a lot of other clothes. It may get rough treatment and I just wanted to be a little more certain of the colors before sending it off to her. Its hanging over my shower curtain rod. 

Before I took the last stitch and tied the last knot, I knew this one had to be washed with some Color Catchers. I threw three of them in, and both the reds and blues bled to this sort of purple or indigo. After they dried, I put them in a small baggie and pinned it to the quilt. When I send it, I will include a few more Color Catchers with some care instructions...and then let go of it.

Sophia may be doing her own laundry. She may open the package and when she sees the quilt, may roll her eyes and say, "That's nice Great-Auntie Bellezza", and go onto the next present, hoping for what she really wants.

The attitude or intention that I held while making this quilt is one of celebration. Its what it is. On the other hand, it doesn't hurt to be practical and take an extra step to preserve the intended look of the quilt.