Sunday, May 10, 2015

Another Finish


Finished a quilt for the youngest of my Nephews, so the generation of my family he is in all will have quilts from me. I have the quilt for his Daddy started, and the second quilt for his Mother is still in the cutting stage. It would be nice to finish those and send all four quilts for their family in one box in time for Thanksgiving. This Sister of mine is the hostess with the mostest and rivals even Martha Stewart for those things.

Long ago now, I took an online class dealing with the 13 archetypes for every woman. It worked two of them at one time. I discovered that the hardest archetype for me to embrace was the one of the Matriarch. Its often a lineage thing, and yet not always. I am the oldest Daughter of an oldest Daughter so carry out her work. My Cousins will be Daughters of their own Mothers and so will carry out their part of the family lineage.

One of the key phrases in this coursework said that "it is a time to celebrate, to be generous and kind to one's kin". That struck home in my heart. I felt the disconnection that thousands of miles brings. No family gatherings, no attending school or sports events, no babysitting. Another key phrase in the study said that "she must realize her harvest and understand that in her family she holds the threads of the past, present and future". And furthermore, "the Matriarch means the lineage of the feminine and something intentionally passed along that is of value." 

Best of all, "Grandmothers sweeten our way." Could I see this as also Aunties, Sisters, Cousins, Friends?

This is also why I quilt.