Friday, May 15, 2015

There is always tomorrow

I have had some monthly Winter Solstice projects sitting out so rather than work on quilting projects, I decided to finish one of them. Well, heck, if I can get through a project that baffles me, I can get through anything.

However, it got the best of me and I have set it aside for another day. I just couldn't get the waistband edges to line up to make a topstitch and ended up with two of them on each edge and didn't finish the rest of the ties. I know it will look fine, but its not sitting right with me in this moment. Thing is that it wasn't my designated time to work on Solstice gifts, and maybe I wasn't in the right mindset. 

Skies have been overclouded and temps lower again, making it feel like "Winter is Coming". Part of me feels like hibernating again and isn't that silly? When the sun is down in the mountains and valley, it is dark and it is cold. Of course it feels like seasons have gone retrograde. My body was just getting used to being outside again.

Its always been important to me to be in a good frame of mind when I work on my projects. I believe that energy is infused in any thing we have and do. When things happen to go differently than I expected, I turn away from it before I get frustrated. I felt better doing something that took my mind off the apron, and actually got a lot done today.  I did more labeling for the contents of various storage boxes I have. Its much easier to know what is in a box or bin rather than to lift it out of the closet to go through it.

This might be a pattern for coping. Me getting organized. I think it is and honestly, I like it.