Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fears of Failure

Some days those fears just take hold and everyone of us have our own way of coping. I have a gut feeling that the UFO (un - finished object) bins some of us have are a result of what happens when fear of failure takes hold.

I was able to join all the rows to the Cat Paper Piecing project. Of course, there is trimming and squaring before measuring and purchasing border fabrics. More than once, I wanted to stop and set it aside. Its a type of quilting that baffled me from the beginning and I am still very uncomfortable with it. Those steps of joining blocks and rows are done. Now it has slipped into the stage of being like any quilt that needs borders. Whew! It means one less fear of failure to deal with. It is a WIP (work in process) project.

When I pulled out the box from the Quilt Retreat, I discovered to my complete disappointment that there were no notes-to-self. Pieces were pinned, but nothing telling me why they were pinned, if they represent enough blocks to the quilt and why there are so many extra pieces. This one, by being put away with feelings of dread and fear of failure is a UFO. I need a clear head to even touch it. Not finding any notes-to-self about the project was devastating. I thought I had learned that lesson.

My way of coping with the disappointment and fear of failure is to push ahead and do something... anything. And as long as there is something to do, I think it is easier for a project to fall by the wayside and become a UFO. I really do not want to make that a habit, nor make excuses why something is undone.

First, I got the three parts of top, batting and back together to baste another quilt, and will make an appointment in the clubhouse for next week to get it done.

There is still dark green thread on the machine that will work with Tony's quilt. the back on it is green and green will complement colors on the front. I like grid quilting in the ditch and decided that it is a good way for me to machine quilt without feeling stress. This quilt was also one of the Mystery Quilts and as I look at how it finishes, it is pleasing to the eye.

The last two star blocks for the Constellations quilt need light thread and then they can be pieced and added to the end rows. When the two star blocks are done and added to the rows, and those two rows joined, I think that quilt is also ready for borders, which are cut and ready to add. It does need fabric for binding and back.

I have a trip planned to the fabric store in the big city and have a growing list of things I need. Both stores in town are more specialized and do not carry solid color fabrics nor those big spools of thread.