Sunday, May 24, 2015

Making May's Winter Solstice

Because my family is across the country, I've developed some healthy attitudes about them and my relationship with them as a collective as well as with the individuals. To that end, I hope for everything and expect nothing from the people I love. Some days, I mourn that choice and other days it sets me free.

When I opened the drawers to the Winter Solstice projects, I found the makings of a French-seamed Pillowcase and made a birthday gift for my younger Grandson. I've had that wizard fabric for awhile and just never knew what to do with it. I pulled out scraps to do the border and cuff. One-of-a-kind. The king-size pattern is generous in the measurements and the project, itself, takes about an hour to make. I'd rather have it extend beyond the pillow than to be too short. Longer means you can tuck it under, shorter means the pillow sticks out. 

The two drawers for Winter Solstice projects had these 2 wallhanging projects leftover & designated for my Sons. I squared them up and clipped threads. They went back into the drawer and need borders to finish tops. 

And then, there are the aprons. My plan with them is to give each of the Grandgrrls an apron with their own copy of family recipes. I started Granny-books for them when they were first born and you know how those things start off great and then whimper out with time. This part of the apron construction has to do with selecting fabrics. This particular apron has a bib with 6 ruffles. Some of the fabrics were given to me for my birthday, some were in the stash.

And one of the Grrrlies is younger so this apron will also have the rows of ruffles without the bib. I want to have both versions cut out and ready to sew before putting them away for the next session. It was a good day.