Thursday, May 28, 2015


Seems that I take one trip out to the big city every 4-6 weeks is needed and make use of coupons from JoAnn's to get various things that are unavailable here in town. Thing is, they just had a sale so nothing is on sale. I needed thread and wanted to get a few tonal fabrics so made the trip in. I went right to the service desk and spoke to a MOD there who said she would give me two of the usual coupons discounts.

I found one fabric on sale, bought another at full price, and my thread, so the virtual coupons were used on the regular priced products. My receipt said I paid $20-something and saved $11-something. I probably spent at least $15 in gas for the drive forth and back, and stopped for a beverage.

However, the desert drive in the early evening makes it all possible. Its one of those wide open spaces that cowboy songs were written about and everything is still in Spring blooming, though the heat is coming on full out too. I just never get tired of seeing the views. This is a Joshua Tree, still surviving in spite of the changing environment.

There are six things on my list I didn't find. I would have bought them even without a sale and without coupons. But I have gotten to be a fabric snob and never settle any more for less than what I want in color and texture. I put a lot of hard work into what I create, and to use less than the quality the projects deserve is down right silly.

It was impressive to have the store manager give me those virtual coupons for the two items that were regularly priced. Sometimes I wonder what it takes to make that happen; either the time of day, the MOD working that shift, the fact I asked, or that I look like her ol' Granny. In any case, it was sweet of her.

Tony's quilt is ready for binding now. It took me two days to machine quilt a simple grid but it looks nice. With the new winter white thread, I am ready for the other projects that have been waiting their turn. And of course, there is a lot of hand work to do as well.