Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Some folks I know concentrate on one side of a quilt. I like to make things with two sides so they are reversible. I do tend to see that whatever we do and whomever we relate to have at least two sides to their stories. I learned long ago, from my Daddy, that things are different and do not have to be either right or wrong.

I've come to see that having choice is not easy for any of us because taking a different direction or holding a different opinion from what we thought, even yesterday, means changing who we are. Having this freedom often means taking risks and leaving a comfortable place. It means taking responsibility for what happens and not blaming others when it takes a different path. It sometimes means standing alone.

I think the biggest choice any of us can make is to be happy; happy in our relationships; happy in our work; happy with whatever stage of life we are in. I believe we chose every day all the time.

Lately, each month I've been making and exchanging Prayer Flags. For June, the one I made is double-sided because Gemini is the Sun Sign for most of the month and is a dual energy. I used a hand-dyed fabric I received from a partner in Australia that has a sort of aborigine figure on it. It was perfect for the Prayer Flag width.

However, to make it long enough, it seemed to work best when joined at the top to make it two-sided. (The camera picked up colors differently in this pic) I set the intention as "Choice" and I must say that this word is my all-time favorite word and has many layers of meaning to it.

Another swap I did was for a Halloween Mug Rug...its already in the mail without me taking a pic of it. However, I found these wonderful blocks I made some time ago and put them together as a small table topper and put it in a box with other little things I am making for one of the Grandgrrrls. The pattern reminds me of the paper pieced quilt I am making for my friend Amy.

The other side is Bats and Cats with a completely different look to it, providing choice for which side sits up on a table. This mini-quilt is a 12" block so can add to the Hallows decor in a room and will bring a sense of tradition with its symbols of cats & bats.

And then, because of the quilt block swaps, I needed fabrics to continue the work I am doing. My stash consists of a lot of darks, and therefore, my choices to add to it usually include brights and lights. This time, I needed more of the lights to brighten up the quilt blocks. This serves to remind me that I need balance in my life.

Yesterday, a swap-bot partner from England sent me a rare stone that can only be found there called a "Blue John". The history & healing properties of this stone are extraordinary. I read that it works to balance out the lives of "sensitives", which is a different word for empaths. It fits perfectly in my hand when I hold it to my Crown or Third Eye Chakras, and has a noticeable buzz to it. And I feel mighty lucky to engage in these swaps. The generosity of people in the world encourages me to hold a dream that we do want peace, we do want love, we do want a better place to live.