Thursday, May 7, 2015

Where's That Coming From?

I started to feel pressure today about finishing the quilts I plan to send out this year. There are 10 on my list and only one is ready with six more months to finish. Its a silly issue.

When I encounter something I am quilting that halts me in my tracks, I tend to set it down for awhile and move along to something else. I did that when I ran out of thread and was able to work on a few other projects that took colors I could use. No time is really lost, because all of the projects need to be finished.

Some years ago, when I started to look at the pressures of the holidays, the first thing I did was to spread out the spending, and spread out the gifts I planned to make so I wasn't rushed. And it works for me. It surprised me to feel the pressure, and while I know its not necessary to experience it, I still do to some extent. 

The machine needed cleaning. This one is really quite different from my last machine. It doesn't take oil but does collect the same linty gunk and needs to come apart to clean it. Fifteen minutes.

I worked on machine quilting Nick's Golf quilt (no real name here) and trimmed Jacob's Bears in Birch Trees quilt to make the mitered corners fit better and they do! Usually the binding takes 2-3 nights, and it will be done in two. The machine quilting could take days on Nick's. Four bobbins were loaded and the first rows of stitches are working out. I like to check each row on the back to minimize any puckers. Basting usually reduces shifting, but sometimes it happens so I want to catch it if there is an issue.

One of my quilting goals for this year was to learn free motion quilting. However, it has become less important to me because this new machine has a lot of decorative stitches that make the quilts easier to do than my old one did. I am content to use them and forego learning the other process.

I am not sure why I put pressures on myself. I do my best in everything I take on and it is enough.