Saturday, May 9, 2015

Winter Is Coming

I was able to finish machine quilting my Great-Nephew's quilt and found a name for it as well. I have been listening to the audiobooks for "A Song of Ice & Fire" or the HBO series Game of Thrones. Although it is at book 3, the motto of one of the great houses is "Winter Is Coming".

Edges of the quilt were trimmed, and some scraps went into the Pet Bed box, some were folded for use in some future project. When I cut the fabric for the binding, it suddenly looked like rain falling and turning to snow. 

Thus came the new name.

For the next couple of nights, I plan to hand sew the bindings on two quilts. 

The pressure I had felt a few days ago lifted easily by my accomplishments. These two quilts will push the number of finished quilts to three. Doing this doesn't mean I won't get anxious again, however, it gives me time to take time. I've thought long and hard about anxiety and how it robs us of happiness and doesn't change the outcome. Why we do this is something that keeps psychologists in business. Human nature comes to us in every phase of life, no matter our gender or age.

I'd like to think I could learn that things work out and will be ok. Numerous songs try to lull us to this truth and yet...we fall and fall again, waiting until those moments of success, which always come too.