Monday, May 18, 2015

Paper Project Day

Life for me is action and passion. As I have aged and slowed down a bit, I tend not to do the things that will get me injured because it takes longer to heal, from even a small cut or burn.  I still want the action and still want the passion in what I do.

I set aside one day a month to do my paper projects: Get mail ready to post; work on the sidebar list I've made here, and also do any scrapbooking of my family photos. And I do have some correspondence to answer and initiate.

I have started this new thing that is the rage on Swap-bot called 9-Pocket Letters. I want to do a few of them before making and sending them to people I actually know. I bought a pack of the holders which was $6 for 35 pages. The theme for this swap was Elemental Earth, so this is my foundation or start. It is double-sided and will fold in 3 to fit in a #10 envie with 'maybe' a Forever stamp on it. You can put just about anything in it that will fit. They are like scrapbooking but quicker and they are meant to be a letter or way for you to share who you are with others.

I have also taken to making my own envelopes out of the more substantial pages in magazines. And I am repurposing cancelled stamps by gluing them to cardstock and then trimming them to post card size.

You might see the passion I have for doing this work. And while the action isn't like the kind I used to do, I am still doing something. It takes courage to make peace with the past and not dwell on what was, but focus on what is and what can be.