Saturday, May 30, 2015

Living My Truth

Over the last few years, I learned to monitor my personal resources a little better. For instance, I know that making a quilt any bigger than one that can fit over the top of my queen size bed is too much weight for me to handle on my machine. Also, if there is gardening to do, it is better done earlier in the mornings because of high heats that start later in the morning and go into early evening. I pace myself better.

This morning I got outside to tuck some Rock Roses between rock spaces near the steps going to the pond. They do fade into the environment making them hard to see in a photo. I think they are called something else officially. I've also got Hen N Chicks that seem to do well there. And then I threw out the contents of a bag of fertilizer over them and some spots on the lawn. Its only getting up to high 80's here today, but it is best to work early in the morning for my sake and the sake of the plant nation. I watered everything and came inside for a shower.

I've been sewing the binding on Tony's Comfort & Joy quilt, and might be done with that part after tonight. Then, of course, I need to go over it, front and back, to clip threads I might have missed and just make sure its sturdy. Usually by the time it has reached this stage there is no taking it apart, so any fix-its have to be done carefully so as to fit with it as opposed to calling attention to it. I rarely encounter such boo-boos, but you never know. I would rather it be me than the recipient.

I am making three more fabric boxes this weekend for the Infant Center to use as small toy storage. Again, whatever is in that room needs to be washable, almost every day if a baby comes in contact with it. So boxes made with fabric that is perfectly good but has no future in a quilt, can go to this kind of project. They will not have buttons on the flaps because nothing small enough to go through a toilet paper roll is allowed in the room for baby safety. I plan to machine stitch the flaps down.

Each day is spent living my truth in some way. That means I need to know what my truth is, living in the present moment of my life rather than looking back to the energy I used to have as a younger woman or what I might not keep as I age. And because doing some sort of community service is a value of mine, I needed to find something to fit into what I love doing. As a retired teacher, I can still support other teachers by my fabric arts.

This is the moment I have, these are my resources both energetically and materially. My truth here is that I am enough and what I do is enough.