Monday, May 11, 2015

Quilting to Hold the Line

My work with the Matriarch archetype ends with a quote; "We embody the Matriarch when we are fully present, fully in our power. We stand strong for all of life, we hold the line."

As I worked on various quilting projects, I thought about this and wondered if it was true in my life right now. The chilling part of it was "We hold the line". I decided that it is a concept I want to put into my quilts...the line, my values, family values. 

One of the next quilts to be finished is for my one of the Great-Nephews. I am probably going to finish the binding with my next session on it. Its actually going to be a nice quilt. This boy is incredibly tall and hopefully, it will cover him as a nap quilt, if he ever slows down. Like most members in my family, its go-go-go. The 'line', is about taking time to rest.

Another project with a line to it is for my older Son. I've started joining the star blocks to the hourglass blocks. The whole concept of stars, constellations and hourglasses is really a gift of time. The 'line' I want to use as intention is about looking up and seeing the vast potential in life and taking time to be awed, to enjoy the beauty. I want to remember the era before we began to count time...when woman was the world and the world was woman. As my Son, he is a part of this.

I know we have to reach deep to find our living memories. So long ago, there was a time, even in my life, where as Mother, I established my clan, guided my Sons, set the standard of behavior for everyone who interacted with me. 

In holding the Matrilineal line, I must remember when the real foundation for human life was in our hands, we women, we wise women. And now, what is vital in this changing, fast culture is that some of us find ways to connect that are mutually reinforcing rather than competitive or wasteful. 

This is also why I quilt.