Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Another Finish

I read the other day that "whatever agenda you create for things being out of control or out of your hands is the dark spot you have to look into". I can handle that concept if things are going my way, but am more than a little resistant to that jolly attitude when stress whirls around me like the wind.

My choice is to drop whatever the irritant is and go onto something else. Today, it was running errands and doing some gardening. There are gaps between the stones, so I pulled some Thyme from the left of it to fill in. The Sage is in bloom, the Thyme flowing over the rocks and then the Lavender is starting to bud out. I watered, sprayed some more resistant weeds, and pruned the Honeysuckle back a lot. I spread seeds, raked them lightly and laid down the last of the stepping stones.

Without white-light thread, I was still unable to piece the swap blocks or work on MattE's Constellation quilt. There was one other project I worked on but, its a surprise, so am not posting pics of it here. I run out of light thread for piecing more than I like so decided to order a huge spool of it rather than to keep purchasing these smaller ones.

Another quilt is finished and will go to the oldest of my Great-Nephew's. My friend Carol gave me some vintage golf panels last year, and I converted a pattern so I could work one of them in on the design. Then rather than to buy fabric, I scrapped most of this out. I did purchase the fairy frost ice blue for the background, as well as more for the back and binding. I love how scrap quilts turn out and am very proud of this one.

And next, I have an appointment at the clubhouse to baste his Brother's. That topper is from a mystery quilt I did with scraps, and similar purchases for the background, back and binding. I am feeling very unstressed about completing my 2015 plan.

I have laid the cat paper piecing out again and want to make sure it is going the way it is planned. Although it is not anywhere near finished, I am questioning whether or not I feel comfortable with my own machine quilting skills. Its too soon to think about that part...hah! Its out of my hands at this stage, and so is the dark spot that requires looking into.