Friday, May 29, 2015

Comfort & Joy

My friend Carol stopped in for a visit and brought one of her quilts to show. She had the binding folded over and clipped with those snappy hair pins she bought at the dollar store. I've had this box of Wonder Clips for some time and hadn't used them.

I brought them out to use on Tony's quilt and was able to clip two sides or half the quilt with the 50 pieces in the box. Wow, are they slick!  I might just buy another box of them some time in the future or see about getting the cheaper version.

Also, Tony's quilt got its name finally. Comfort & Joy. The boy is always smiling and I could just see him with the quilt. As I finished machine quilting, squared it off and added the binding, I realized how much I loved it. I have to admit those mystery quilts always look lovely when they are done.

I spoke with one of the fabric store owners about putting the paper pieced quilt on the long arm. She gave me a number of ideas for it and also said to stitch along the perimeter of it before taking off the paper pieces so as not to stretch any small sections that were cut on the bias. Once I am past that point, I'll bring it in to purchase fabrics for the borders.

Sometimes, it seems that the quilts that give me the greatest heartache in creating them are the ones I enjoy the most.