Monday, April 28, 2014

Another test Star

I was excited to finish another test star for my 6" swap this month. Creating smaller pieces is a challenge in accuracy from start to finish. In working with a test block, I allow myself the opportunity to be ok with it if its not ok.

Its like having a healthy conflict with myself. Knowing that its possible for the block not to turn out relieves me from having to produce perfection. I am released from inner name calling, stress and even being hurt by my own failure. It gives me an opportunity to see how the colors work and what I want to do with the ones that will actually go into the swap.

This is the "April Star" block pattern. This example will also go into the wonky container to be used as part of a border on that quilt.

It turned out to be a win-win situation. Not all of my inner conflicts end up like this. Like my quilting, I am getting better all the time, even if some times I take a step backwards and have to repeat the lesson, or the block. Creating this block was a step forward with an easy lesson.