Saturday, April 26, 2014

Tote Bag

I am almost finished with Debi's Tote Bag.  I decided to try something new with this one, which is to add binding to the seams and make them all closed. I did a simple grid quilting. Its a great look. The bag is a little larger than the grocery totes and when she & I talked about it, she asked for it this large and narrow. She plans to carry her knitting projects in it and wants the over-body strap look. 

That part comes next. Deb asked for blue and orange, so this fabric was the best combo for the tote I could get from within my stash. The orange could be turned to show a solid if she chooses to do that. This pic shows the binding on the outside seams.

Over the years I have wondered that when I listen to others if I really hear what they say. Sometimes what someone else says sparks an idea and then my mind races down another road and reaches its own conclusion. Recently in the last couple of decades, I've made it a practice to take time to hear their soul speaking beyond the simple words from their mouths. Of course, its impossible for me to really know what they think or feel, even if I make the connection in my mind that references my own experiences. I appreciate when they talk to me that what they want is to be heard.

I like to ask questions to get more information so that I believe my understanding is clear. Yet I know, with quilting, things like colors and design that are left to me without their actual input mean they have to accept what I create. This is going to be a gorgeous tote and I hope she likes it and that it works for her needs.

The Spring Mystery Quilt project is over, and participants are showing off their layouts. Every one of them looks different because of the fabric choices that were made. Same pattern, different outcome. That's what makes it pop to be a quilter.

Well, time for me to head out to Bakersfield so I can attend an all-day First Aid class. No quilting in front of the machine for me, but I will be thinking.