Friday, April 18, 2014

Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

I accept all aspects of my life. There are moments when I feel discouraged and then simply look outdoors. What an incredible Spring it is here in the valley. Lilacs, Iris, Snaps, Carnations, and the Herbs are all in bloom outside.

The goal I set several weeks ago to 'finish something Friday' helped motivate me until it suddenly became stressful on Thursdays. Every time there is a rule set somewhere, a rule-breaker is born. In that struggle, I came to realize that what I needed was more patience with myself rather than trying to force things to happen so quickly.

I am happy that I can make my own plans for life and am not going to be so hard on myself when things don't go as I originally planned.

Yesterday's mail brought two 12" blocks for the Christmas Block Swap. This is a year long swap so that every month is Christmas; every fabric in each block has a holiday theme to it. This swapper sent two different blocks using stars. The green above has small little trees that look like stickers a kid would love to put up everywhere.

She sent me another block with stars on both the background and 8-point star block. These patterns are not as easy as one would think. There is a skill in knowing how to match all those points and leave enough at the edges so they work with a seam for the quilt itself. Its all about accuracy.

I've decided to move my work station out in the front windows. As more leaves cover the trees outside my back Western windows, there is less light here in the office-studio.

Several of the quilts are basted now and ready for machine quilting. I've learned to adapt, and that having a designated room that traditions say is used for one thing means nothing in my life. I am following the light, and the natural light I prefer  is outside this room. Moving rooms means that I will be able to look outdoors, and probably get drawn outside and away.

This weekend I am headed up north. Up north from where I live is different from the 'up north' when I lived in Minnesota. Up north here means a 5-hour drive up the 5 through the center of the state to San Francisco, over the bridge to Oakland and Berkeley.  Its a solid, no stopping drive time on that major freeway. The scenic route is the 1 along the coastline that curves with the pounding surf against the rocks so that you see the blue sky and the mighty Blue Pacific. Not this time. 

Yesterday, I worked more on the Mystery Quilt, more on the Halloween Village, and joined some batting pieces that are enough for another quilt. It was a productive day, but not one that set me up to finish something Friday--today Friday.

And I didn't even worry about that. I love having goals. I love breaking rules, even my own. Both are actions that make me feel alive and living my own life in a way that is free. I'll be home on Sunday, and I am sure will have stories to tell about the trip. Meanwhile, on the drive, I know that I will continue imagining my quilts, imagining the new light coming in through the windows while I machine quilt these projects. It simply makes me smile right now.