Thursday, April 24, 2014


There is an old Italian saying that you count your nights by the stars, not its shadows, and count your life with smiles, not tears.

I named the quilt for my Granddaughter Alandra "Rising Star". Last year she told me her favorite holiday is 4th of July so its a red-white-blue & beige quilt with two different versions making up 21 stars on each end and stripes down the middle. And yes, its another scrappy quilt. It took me a little while to save the pieces for it once I had the pattern, but I love how its turning out.

I've always loved the night time and actually have a fondness for the stars, and the phases of the Moon. There is something secure & dependable in their placement and cycles.

Quilting these 8-point stars is not as easy as it seems. For the points to show up, it requires an accuracy of cutting and seam allowance. Everyone of them requires my focus from how the fabrics are combined to the final trimming. I can see how my quilting education plays a part in what I do, and the emotional impact is what happens to me as I work.

There are seven more stars for me to finish before assembling this quilt. This is the one I got so anxious about because of the bleed factor on the fabric. That anxiety was only a shadow, only my inner tears. I was immobilized by both and now that I started working on it, and its so gorgeous, all that anxiety lifted. I will send some color set sheets to go in the first wash, and trust the universe to let these stars shine.